SweenyPolitics:  Fleetwood files against Ericksen

Riley Sweeney posted early this morning on his Political Junkie site that Seth Fleetwood is back. He gives us a brief but fine profile of Seth. And Riley again showes us why he is the political junkie, beating the Herald with the news early this morning.

Seth Fleetwood has public service in his blood. The well known and likeable liberal Democrat has announced that he will file for the 42nd District state senate seat that Doug Ericksen has held for one term since 2010. This will be an important race as the control of the state senate - and the legislature in Olympia - are at stake. Seth will no doubt run a comprehensive campaign.

Those who say a liberal cannot win the 42nd may be ignoring the past where a resonable Republican like Dale Brandland has served and Democrat Georgia Gardner beat conservative Republican Ward Nelson for the seat. The 42nd is populated with solid rural folks who want common sense representation. I think they are not happy with the harsh, confrontational and deceptive politics of Ericksen and will give Seth a good look before deciding. Seth is an excellent listener and may well strike a chord with the voters.

Seth versus Doug will give us a very good contest for an important state senate seat. We congratulate Seth on his decision. Read Riley's profile for more.

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Comments by Readers

Terry Wechsler

Apr 30, 2014

Best. News. Ever. The Senate Energy, Environment, & Telecommunications committee, chaired by Ericksen, has been where much common sense draft legislation has gone to die, while Alec-drafted legislation is railroaded through.