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Evan will complete his week-long vigil at the old Federal Building in downtown Bellingham tomorrow afternoon at 4 pm - during the normal weekly peace vigil. During his week there, he has brought many people together when they came down to visit him and then met others in the community. He has had broad support and no harrasment - except from some of the drunks leaving bars in the early morning. He has brought a little magic to the anti-war movement. We thank him.

His vigil has focused on one specific process that the Pentagon and the Bush administration have used for the Iraq war - the Stop-Loss practice. This forces military persons to be kept in the service after their enlistment or service time is up. It is being done because enlistments are so terrible and those who have served in Iraq want out - badly. Even $10,000 bonuses will not keep them in. As Tip Johnson wrote below, it is "indefinite indentured servitude". It is a shameful practice and most citizens do not seem to know about it.

Want to do something to stop the war and bring our troops home? Write Rick Larsen every week and tell him that unless he changes his slippery stance on the war and opposes it - even in Oak Harbor - that you will vote Republican in 2008. Copy your letter to your friends. Send it to one of our newspapers. Push Larsen.

By the way, I heard reliably that Larsen wanted to have his picture taken with Evan and that Evan turned him down. Told him he would allow a photo of the two together in Larsen's office - if Ellen Murphy was also there and Larsen would listen to what she had to say. How sweet.

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