Stop the Lying, Doug

LEST WE FORGET, a certain state senator from the northern reaches of Whatcom County played a bit part in bringing the current excuse for a president into the White House. Doug Ericksen served as the deputy director of Trump’s Washington state campaign, which he parlayed into a position on the new regime’s “beachhead team” at the Environmental Protection Agency that he bungled during an aborted attempt to get a permanent job with the agency. Then after a few lavish trips to Cambodia, paid for with thousands of dollars in surplus campaign funds, he landed a yearly $500,000 lobbying and public relations contract with its brutal dictator, Hun Sen.

Now he’s back in the news with a ridiculous statement on social media that Danny Westneat reported on in the Seattle Times. “The anti-MAGA media clearly knows that the presidential race is far from over,” he claimed without any evidence on the conservative web site “That is why they are in overdrive attempting to ignore the real voter fraud issues and create the impression that they have won.”

That’s rubbish, Doug. Get out of the trash can.

The only fraudulent activity in this instance is occurring somewhere between Ferndale and Lynden, though Ericksen occasionally visits Olympia in attempts to “represent” constituents from the 42nd district. But many of them cannot get an audience with him there, while corporate lobbyists who contribute to his campaigns don’t seem to have any such problems.

Those vapid claims of electoral fraud have been repeatedly debunked in courts, from Arizona to Pennsylvania to Wisconsin. Almost all were dismissed outright for lack of sufficient evidence. And two prestigious law firms have withdrawn from arguing the remaining cases or from any further embarrassing legal actions.

It’s over, Doug. Your wannabe tyrant lost.

Not only did Joe Biden win 306 electoral votes in a system that heavily favors thinly populated rural states, bastions of the GOP, he also leads the national popular vote by nearly 6 million votes. Closer to home, Biden clobbered Trump 78 to 3 in electoral votes and won 63.5 percent of the popular vote in states bordering the Pacific. Including the Mountain states, he won by 109 to 19 electoral votes and 58.6 percent of the popular vote. That’s verging on a landslide west of the Rockies.

Joe Biden will be our next president, Doug.

Yet unskeptical true believers such as Ericksen remain in denial, indulging in fantasies and alternative realities that allow them to persist in their sorry state of disbelief. They do so in alternative social-media universes where liberal skepticism is discouraged, if not completely outlawed, so the truth cannot sneak in.

This behavior is irresponsible and dangerous, Doug.

In an interview on ABC’s “This Week,” former National Security Adviser John R. Bolton — about as rock-ribbed a Republican as they come — called Trump’s attempts at litigating the vote count “the legal equivalent of pitching pennies.” And he went on to state, “I think it’s very important for leaders of the Republican Party to explain to our voters that, in fact, Trump has lost the election and that his claims of election fraud are baseless.”

That means you, Doug — but you are hardly a leader.

For spineless Republicans like Ericksen to continue in this deceit and fraud is to endanger US democracy, which relies on the vote of the people for its legitimacy and on the acceptance of their judgment, no matter how bitter the results may be to the losers. That’s what Hillary Clinton did in November 2016. Four years later, it’s high time for Donald Trump to follow her example — and CONCEDE THAT HE LOST before doing any more damage to the American republic.

And that bitter choice will very likely be Ericksen’s, should he attempt to run for reelection once again in 2022. He won by only a paper-thin margin of 45 votes in 2018. Does he imagine that his partisan shenanigans are going to win him more votes the next time?

Time to head for the exit, Doug. Or maybe Cambodia.


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Comments by Readers

Elisabeth Britt

Nov 18, 2020

Sadly, the lies are designed to motivate Trump supporters into contributing large sums of money to a massive fundraising effort currently being conducted by the Trump re-election campaign. 

The email content is designed to panic Trump supporters into donating funds to defend Trump against alleged election fraud.

All three emails in my spam folder this morning cite the recent PA Appellate Court decision to exclude some absentee and mail in ballots that were already segregated and not included in the original official count by the PA Secretary of State Boockavar.

My poor spam folder will be bombarted by panic-inciting solicitation emails for the rest of the day. And, probably right up to the moment Trump finally concedes the election. But why would he concede, if he can continue to raise large sums of money from his supporters?  

The Trump campaign claims this is a big win for the President’s re-election campaign.

It’s only a big win for Trump and his family if his supporters continue to pour money into Trump coffers. 


Michael Riordan

Nov 20, 2020

Thanks for your perceptive comments, Elisabeth, which are especially timely and germane in the current adversarial political climate.

Since you left the Republican Party over a decade ago, its Whatcom County branch has increasingly fallen into the hands of corrupt, deceitful, self-dealing politicians like Ericksen.

I’ve been following Doug’s grasping clawprints ever since he organized Trump’s Lynden rally in May 2016, which drew followers from all over the state as well as Canada. And left Whatcom County agencies with unpaid bills for security services totalling over $128,000. Then he went to the other Washington on Trump’s EPA beachhead team and raked in over $40,000 for four month’s “work” while somehow keeping his day job in Olympia.

There’s an awful stench arising from the fields north of Ferndale, and it’s not coming from the cows.


Michael Riordan

Nov 20, 2020

Here’s an editorial for Doug to read, from today’s New York Times:

Republicans Supporting Trump, Remember: Lies Have a Long Half-Life

But I doubt he ever reads the NYT, except maybe the financial pages.


Dick Conoboy

Nov 22, 2020

In another article on this site by Elizabeth Britt entitled:  Seattle Times to Doug Ericksen: Step Down   I actually got Ericksen to respond to my comments (yes, he is a registered commenter on NWCitizen) about his manifestly poor knowledge about Cambodia or, for that matter, Southeast Asia and the war in Viet Nam.  Here is my exchange with Doug:

“Dick Conoboy

May 20, 2019

I wonder if Hun Sen took Dougie to some of the more “compelling” tourist attractions in  Phnom Penh like Tuol Sleng where Hun Sen’s comrades tortured and killed thousands of his countrymen with a base cruelty that is nearly unimaginable but Hun Sen and his buddies pulled it off without a hitch.  I have been to Tuol Sleng twice over the past decade.  It is a former school where children played in the large couryard before the Khmer Rouge turned the place into a prison from which there was practically no escape.  Did Hun Sen show Dougie the chicken wire stretched over the balconies of the school buildings to prevent the “guests” from jumping to their deaths because they knew what they were facing?  Did Dougie get invited to see the torture rooms that still have blood on the ceiling?   Or maybe Dougie got to see the large water pots in the couryards over which prisoners were hung and then dunked time and time again but pulled out just before they drowned?

Maybe Hun Sen took Dougie to Choeung Ek (yes, Dougie, I took the time to visit the place) also known as “The Killing Fields”.  Or maybe you just caught the reruns of the movie before going to sign your contract.  There almost 9000 bodies were found buried.  You can walk the paths, Dougie, where bones of the buried work themsleves up from the dirt as if the earth were vomiting them up.  You will see bits of cloth - blue and red and green and brown) that seem stuck in the dirt but serve as announcement to the passerby of a body below.  And Dougie, you can, at times, pick up a human bone and place it to the side for the caretakers to transfer it with all the others into a huge ossuary.  Next time you are in Phnom Phen, Dougie, I will take you to Choeung Ek so we can sit by the tree where the buddies of Hun Sen took infants by the legs and beat them against the tree until they were dead…or almost - why waste too much energy.  I have been there twice, by that tree Doug Ericksen, and it doesn’t get any easier.  Did your buddy, Hun Sen, take you there?

This is the history of your blood money, Doug Ericksen.


Doug Ericksen

May 20, 2019

Dick.  I do not respond to such posts but your post is so over the top it requires a short response.  PM Hun Sen led the military force that over through the Khmer Rouge and Pol Pot.  Many of the current leaders in Cambodia were imprisoned by Pol Pot and had family members killed.  


Dick Conoboy

May 20, 2019

Well, Doug, I am pleased to have attracted your attention, so while I have it, let me give you the benefit of my two years of experience on the ground in Southeast Asia, one of which was as an intelligence officer in the Mekong Delta during the war in Vietnam and the other year with an intelligence unit in Bangkok, Thailand in 1975 at the very time Pol Pot came to Phnom Penh with his band of renown.  And by the way, I am also a former Army Foreign Area Officer for Southeast Asia having done a bit of study on the history of the region to obtain this specialty designation.  Your claim that “PM Hun Sen led the military force that over through (sic) the Khmer Rouge and Pol Pot.” is a risibly gross distortion of history and poor vocabulary.   What happened with Mr. Hun Sen is that he fled to Vietnam after discovering in 1977 that his pal, Pol Pot, as part of overall purges within the Khmer Rouge, was likely after him and was probably going to dunk Hun Sen’s own murderous and sorry ass in one of those large pots at Tuol Sleng as a reward for his faithful service.  Hun Sen sat in Vietnam until the Vietnamese made their final invasion of Cambodia in December of 1978.  Hun Sen was not the leader of the Vietnamese military invasion forces without which Hun Sen would still be cooling his jets in Saigon or Hanoi instead of being installed by the Vietnamese as the head of a puppet regime.  For the past three decades Hun Sen has done a bit of his own, home-grown torture and murder of which I am sure you are aware, given your expertise, but seem to be ignoring.  And finally, Doug, don’t even start to give me any BS about doing anything with respect to missing US servicemen in Cambodia or anywhere in Southeast Asia.  I was an intelligence analyst in the Pentagon’s POW/MIA Office for over a decade in the 1980s and 1990s.  Take it from me and leave the search for our missing to the professionals. You have nothing of value to add.

And the next time you shake hands with this vicious man, Hun Sen, during a follow-on trip to Cambodia, remember: “Qui cum canibus concumbunt cum pulicibus surgent.”


Doug Ericksen

May 20, 2019

Dick.  I appreciate your views and opinions.”





katharine gring

Nov 24, 2020

Pinky Vargas would be a good fit for that district. Sounds to me like Erickson is just another right wing extremist grifter. Too bad he couldn’t keep Intalco working.


Michael Riordan

Nov 24, 2020

Pinky is the one he beat by 45 votes in 2018. There are probably better candidates. 

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