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Foreign Internet news sites are reporting 8 US soldiers killed in Iraq today. Nothing at the CNN, Fox and MSNBC websites. These reports are three hours old. What is happening? That would total 11 US boys killed today. During the hot war last spring the foreign sites were far more reliable than our US media, a fact we slowly learned in the months following the war. Casualties were one item. By the way, when a war report says a US soldier was injured, that might mean they lost a leg or arm or are blinded. Or worse. Injured means not dead. Injured can be very tragic for that person. Injured is not normally reported by US media. They should be.

President Bush left DC for the safety of Camp David in the Maryland hills as Hurricane Isabel approached. Guess what - what is left of the eye of Isabel is passing directly over Camp David tonight and passing 60 miles west of DC.

Schwarzenegger says he did not have sex with that woman. Correction, those women. But no Republicans are calling him on his lie and demanding that he withdraw from the California governor race. Right-wing Republican leaders who distracted Clinton from our nation’s business for 7 years are silent.

Bush lied to us about Saddam Hussein and 9/11. And weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Lies that hurt our country and killed our soldiers. Not the simple lie Clinton told to protect his private sex life. But Republicans are not calling for GW’s impeachment.

If you like following the specifics of the war then add Colonel David Hackworth’s website to your bookmarks. I am adding it to the list in the right hand column.

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