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The Silver Beach Neighborhood forum went well last night with about 75 people attending. It was the first public chance for citizens to compare candidates and gauge them for their potential. I could not be there and so have no first-hand report. Tonight is the Cornwall Park event which has each candidate making a simple 3-minute speech. No debate or questions. I'll be there. Supposed to be sunny and warmer by 6 pm.

July may go down in history as when the Bush war monolith cracked and started to crumble. The trickle of conservatives abandoning Bush may become a flood by this fall. In June we still didn't know if this insane war policy would continue for another year. Now it seems clear to this writer that it is all over. Just how it will crumble is all that is left to play out.

This video cartoon from the Houston daily newspaper - in Bush's state of Texas. Regardless of your attitude towards this, it is strong evidence of the crumbling of support for this administration.

This Evening - Friday, July 13 - 6 to 8 pm at the Cornwall Park pavilion - North Sound Democratic Women will have a sort of meet-and-greet with candidates getting 3 minutes to talk. May be a bit noisy with kids and private BBQs going on around.

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