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Saw Fahrenheit 9/11

Very good documentary. The Democrats do not get off clean. The Democrats are well documented in the movie going along with Bush’s absurd war against Iraq. They are shown as mindless suits without a bit of backbone or courage. There are individual exceptions and most of those are black officials.

Not a single Democratic Senator - including Cantwell and Murray - would sign the opposition resolution of several House representatives which would have allowed discussion of the presidential election of 2000. Not a single one. Let Murray answer for that. She won’t. Shame on her.

Op-ed or documentary? It is a well documented indictment of our government’s war of aggression on Iraq. And of the Bush family ties to the Saudi ruling families and the bin Laden family. Does Michael Moore express opinions and do voice overs? Yes - as do all documentaries. Take an old Disney nature film. The voice over would say something like: “The deer is unaware of the cougar stalking it in the deep snow,” while the film showed what was happening. Duh. Moore documents with film what he tells us in voice overs. But he lets people speak for themselves - and they do. It is well documented.

What is funny are the boys on FoxNews screaming that it is not a documentary and that it should be counted as a Kerry campaign expense. Well, then FoxNews should be a Bush campaign expense because Fox is not news but a propaganda unit for the Bush administration - and they don’t even document their biased reports.

The strongest indictments of Bush come right from his own mouth - the scenes showing Bush talking. This movie tells the truth about our country’s politics and wars. It is a shameful truth. And I don’t think Americans want this to continue. Moore shows us what is happening and I think this will be a big factor in the defeat of Bush. Thank you Michael.

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