The Save the Trails Referendum goes into Pandemic Mode

The Save the Trails Referendum goes into Pandemic Mode

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With the Delta Variant surging, it is increasingly unfair to ask people to continue traditional tabling or canvassing to gather signatures. So we are moving to finish this petition with as many socially-distanced methods as possible. Some folks are less concerned and still believe face-to-face engagement is the best, but many - especially our elder citizens - are rightly concerned about taking risks and wary of the numerous, random social encounters conventional petitioning entails.

That’s OK.  WE CAN DO THIS!  

Online petitioning is a little less convenient.  You have to download the legal petition, sign it, find a stamp and envelope, and mail it back.  Not a big deal but a bit more bother. You may also see un-staffed petition signing stations, such as at Nelson's Market or Eclipse Book Store.  Government offices have strict Covid guidelines but citizens must exercise their guaranteed rights on actual paper, in public.  This is the workaround.

Go forth and multiply! Get three to ten people to get three to ten people, etc. Please network your lists. Ask your contacts to network their lists. Time is short. All signatures must be turned in to the City by Sept. 9th. So they must arrive on return by Sept. 8th at the latest. 

Qualifying this referendum is the best way to force a broader community dialog on the value of undeveloped street right of ways and our public property rights.  Read the informational flyer or follow the links below if you are not convinced.



MAIL SIGNED PETITIONS TO: Save the Trails, 1050 Larrabee Ave, Ste 104 #382, Bellingham, WA 98225 - Please post by Sept.4th at the latest!

- Eclipse Book Store, 1104 11th St. in Fairhaven - 10 to 5 daily  (but closed Sept. 7th), or
- Nelson's Market, 514 Potter St. in the York Neighborhood. 
You can also stop by and sign the petition at the above locations.

Write for materials or more information.

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We can do this! Get it done!

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Comments by Readers

Liz Marshall

Aug 30, 2021

Thanks, Tip & NWCitizen. I went to Nelson’s Market Saturday to sign. I had never been there. Cute corner store and dining destination with outdoor seating!!  I’ve also shared the alert online. 


Tip Johnson

Aug 30, 2021

Thank you, Liz. We are apparently going to need a lot more sharing. A socially distanced petition station at Lake Padden was confiscated by the Parks Department on Sunday. 


Scott Wicklund

Aug 31, 2021

Someone caught an exchange where Council President Stone asked Mayor Fleetwood what the City policy was with Rights-of-Way.  This was discussed during Committee of the Whole.  Mayor Fleetwood seemed to give a robust defense of keeping Rights-of-way for all kinds of access! In his answer to Council President Stone.

ICYMight have missed it.

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