Save the Trails Referendum - Petition Signing, Pickup and Delivery Station

The Push is on!

The Push is on!

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The push is on.  We are on it, but could use your help!

The Save the Trails Referendum is already one third through its allotted time.  2,475 valid signatures of registered Bellingham voters must be gathered by Sept.8th to qualify the referendum.  The Referendum seeks to overturn a City action that sold the public's rights to a 26 year old public trail.  It hopes to kick start citywide reform of our City's priorities for undeveloped right of ways -  an increasingly valuable resource for walkability, and livability in our growing city.  Qualifying the referendum will abate the City's action until it is approved or rejected by a vote of the people.

We will be at the Community Food Co-op on Forest Street every day - Friday, August 20 to Wednesday, September 8 - from noon to 1:00p.m. to gather signatures, distribute blank petitions and collect signed petitions from others.  If you want to pitch in, please write  

The Save the Trails Referendum Resource and Instructions Page is here.

Additional materials detailing the history and procedures:
Dirty Deal at Douglas and 21st
The Douglas Avenue Trail
Will City Double-Down to Kill Public Trail?
Mayor Is Asked To Preserve Trail
Our Public Property Rights For Sale - Cheap!
The Scheme to Turn Green-Spaces into $Green

Let's work together to preserve our neighborhood options for off-road connectivity, green space, habitat and wildlife corridors.  If we keep growing like this, we'll be glad we did.


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