Satpal Sidhu to Seek Re-Election

Satpal Sidhu will run for the new Foothills District of Whatcom County this November in his re-election effort to the Whatcom County Council.

Satpal Sidhu will run for the new Foothills District of Whatcom County this November in his re-election effort to the Whatcom County Council.


Satpal Sidhu, with not even two years on the council is for a third time seeking to be on the council. First, in 2015 when Sam Crawford resigned before his term was up, Sidhu along with others, sought the appointment to the vacant seat. He was chosen by the six remaining council members to replace Crawford. Then in November 2015 he ran for his own 4 year term and was elected and can serve on the council until the end of 2019.

But now we have redistricted our county and we will elect only one council member from each of 5 districts, plus 2 county at-large representatives. While Sidhu could simply serve out his term in the old 2nd district, he would then be off the council for two years before being able to run again. What? How?

See separate article being posted later today for an explanation of all this. For this article, we let Satpal speak for himself on his announcement.

Satpal Sidhu has quickly become a well liked progressive liberal member of the council. He has deep personal roots in the northern area of the county, up near Lynden. He is extremely smart, likes working with others, and loves Whatcom County. He has successful careers in engineering and education. And I will let him tell all this in his press release announcing his candidacy.

Below is Satpal Sidhu’s press release.

February 7, 2017 - Bellingham, WA—Whatcom County Councilmember Satpal Sidhu announced today that he plans to run from the newly created Foothills District of Whatcom County for the Council seat.

Mr. Sidhu was appointed to the County Council in early 2015 to fill the vacancy created by resignation of Mr. Crawford. Later in 2015, Mr. Sidhu won the election to County Council from District 2. The county residents voted to make changes to the County Charter in 2015 creating five new districts. Satpal’s residence now falls in the new Foothills District, which covers most of the un-incorporated rural areas of eastern Whatcom County, Geneva, Sudden Valley and Lake Samish area.

“I have lived in the Foothills area for 30 years and have worked with farmers and rural residents all these years. Since I have been serving on the County Council, I have met so many people and made numerous new friends in Whatcom County”. County Council faces important issues like new jail, economic growth, water quality, land use issues to mention a few. Mr. Sidhu has shown his ability to work with different community groups to find logical solutions using his business and community experience.

Mr. Sidhu is really concerned about local water issues impacting the exempt-well owners, local farmers and aquaculture. Water is core subject for the survival of small to medium size farmers and to avoid corporate mega farms taking over the farm land. The recent decision by State Supreme Court water use and water quality is causing serious issues for rural residents. There has been lack of balanced approach from Department of Ecology and the State Legislature to develop long term policy decision, based on local conditions, to accommodate the needs of growing population and safety of our environment.

As the County Administration threads this complicated issue, Mr. Sidhu supports practical vesting options for the families who have spent enormous amount of money and time to build their dream homes.

Satpal has a proven record of helping local youth to get training for the highest paid local jobs. While he was Dean at Bellingham Technical College, he created the Process Technology and Electro Mechanical Technology degree program to fill the local refinery jobs vacated by retiring baby boomers. He is an engineer with 30 plus years of business experience in petroleum industry, Dean of Engineering and Trades and solar industry.

“I look forward to meet and listen to residents of the Foothills District and learn how County can meet their needs. I would like to ask for your support and vote to be able to represent you on the Council for next four years”.

Mr. Sidhu welcomes people to call or email and share what is on their mind and how County policies can support more family wage, business growth and improve law and order services in the rural areas of Whatcom County.

Please check out for more information.

Contact: and phone: 360 305 4948

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