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Saddam Hussein executed

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• In War & Peace,

The US - the Bush administration - had Saddam Hussein executed this evening. How sad - how stupid on several levels - and how oh so immoral. There are tyrants of several countries who murder their people on a routine basis and with whom the Bush administration does business every day. Saddam was the buddy of the Reagan administration and they poured hundreds of millions of our tax dollars into Iraq for him. The US government helped create the tyrant Saddam. And now we have arranged for him to be hung.

Ours is a criminal country. President Gerald Ford tape recorded his disgust for the Bush process of war and repression. This execution is to create a distraction to our “losing the war”. It was revenge and not justice. And, yes, we will all live to regret it. We have made Saddam into a martyr for all Sunni Arabs.

Read Juan Cole as posted on Salon.com.

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