Richey and Erb file for Prosecuting Attorney

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Bellingham assistant city attorney, James Erb, has announced he will run for county prosecutor this year. This will give us the first contested election in 40 years. Not a typo. David McEachran was first elected in 1974 and last faced a challenger in 1978. If you are baffled, well, we hope to explain some of this in the coming months. I also have it reliably from several people that McEachran will not run for reelection.

James Erb has his website up with all the normal info on issues and why we should vote for him. I particularly like his second of three priorities - of “Providing a new path forward on the county jail issue that begins with an inclusive and open public process; ...

Eric Richey, who is presently the Chief Criminal Deputy Prosecuting Attorney for the county has also filed to run for the office. He does not yet have a website up, but we will link as soon as it is posted.

Of course this is good news for our community. Two qualified candidates for our most powerful local office. They are both Democrats, not that it is that important for this office.

And so our 2018 election season kicks off.

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Thomas R. Scott

Aug 06, 2018

The promised web link:

 - Tom

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