Ref: Notes on candidate Cotton test

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Note 1:  

When all good men come to the aid of their country, we will appreciate their volunteering.  This is test gobbly gook to take up space for this test.  And nothing to do with the candidate.  this gook will be erased later this evening.  

Note 2:  

When in the time of good fortune, we all meet again.  All is good in lala land and the economy is improving.  

Graphic 1:

This graphic shows the blah blah information is a clear manner.  Click graphic to enlarge it.

  Note 3:  Well, as many notes as one wants to you know do the right thing but this is a topsy turvy world again with war looming on the horizon and leaders seemingly lost of panicked about what to do these days - and congress in turmoil.  Sigh, well better here than on the main article page.  

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