Racism is alive and healthy

Byy On

A racist headline in today’s Herald - but they don’t have a clue. The news is the Northwood Casino finally got their liquor permit - which they should have had long ago. But the Herald hypes the issue to the max as booze is flowing. And a photo that almost suggests these folks can’t wait to get drunk.

You can see the full photo and story at the Herald website.

This whole issue with the Northwood Casino and the Nooksack Indians trying to develop their business has had racial overtones. Our county officials have been the best of good old boys in lending their help to stop the Indians. So far, the Indians have prevailed.

No one tried to stop the Homestead from getting built or prospering - and the Herald did not decide that was a story. Yet the Homestead certainly went in on prime farmland and is a big business on the northern outskirts of Lynden. But no nearby farmers objected to the increased traffic, the sheriff did not get the jitters that he could not enforce the laws way out there. The neighbors did not ask for lower property valuations. And the prosecutor did not think he needed to personally stop them from getting a liquor permit.

The Homestead is a fine development - and this is not criticism of them. But then the Northwood Casino is also a fine development and they should be allowed to do business without our county officials using our tax money to try and stop them. Yes, gentle reader, racism is alive and healthy in Bellingham and Whatcom County. And like most racism, they do not have a clue and do not think themselves racist. They just think the Indians made a mistake.

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