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I was the guest on The Joe Show on KBAI radio today. 930 on the AM dial. It is the progressive station to the conservative KGMI. Both, along with KAFE, KISM and KPUG, are part of the Cascade Radio Group.

The podcast of the 42 minutes audio is now online.

It was a radio talk show on why we we should put the port commission expansion question on the ballot in August - and why we should have 5 port commisioners. It represents my best effort to present the issues, the arguments for 5 commissioners and the reason we should put this issue on the ballot. There is a lot of information we can bring forward on the Port - and I tried to bring some lesser known facts and port stories to the public. Joe Teehan is a great host, listening and asking good questions. It was an honor and fun experience to be on the show. Thanks Joe. I just hope it furthered the cause of 5 commissioners.

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Comments by Readers

Hue Beattie

May 04, 2012

I listened when I got back from Seattle .Excellent work John. You brought up many instances that would have had a better outcome with this minor structural change.


Douglas Smith

May 04, 2012

Great interview John!  You gave lots of really good reasons why this is such a good idea.  I’m nearing 100 signatures.


John Servais

May 05, 2012

Clarification:  The Douglas Smith in the above note is not the past port commissioner.

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