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Dan Pike gave a great short speech to a packed city council chamber after he was sworn in as our mayor. It is posted on the City of Bellingham website as a pdf file.

Dan said he has five tasks to focus on during his first 100 days in office:

- Protect the Lake Whatcom Reservoir - work with the county
- Promote a Green Bellingham - encourage more green practices
- Create a Healthy Waterfront - initiate an economic benefit analysis of plans
- Support our Neighborhoods - review all plans and bring codes into sync
- Streamline the Permitting Process - end sequential and start concurrent process

It was refreshing to listen and think about what he was actually saying. He intends to start doing things. He truly wants to improve things. Well, he had the audience behind him as we gave him two standing ovations - one after he was sworn in and one after his speech. Virtually everyone attending was a supporter, elected official or political activist. It was a very fine evening. And a wonderful end to a year long effort to choose a new mayor for our town.

Dan Pike becomes our Mayor of Bellingham this afternoon. Ahh - but I cannot resist. Today’s Herald has not a word on this important event. No doubt overlooked. Oh some candidate for governor - a year from now - got press coverage for his visit here today. But nothing about the ceremony at 4:30 this afternoon. Stan Snapp also takes office as a city council member. The Herald realized its mistake at some point and has it as a news update on their website.

We are all waiting to see what Dan Pike does. I’ve no insight beyond what I heard during the campaign. Blogs have referred to a ‘plan’ that is circulating but I’ve not seen it. He did have a group of divergent folks at city hall for a couple meetings to seek ideas for his first 100 days. Some changes can be made quickly but some may take six months. It all starts tomorrow morning.

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