Petition to Establish a Bellingham Art Market

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O.K. Folks, I just heard about this and it sounds good to me. I've known Jeremy for a long time, but I'm not sure who all else is organizing this. I got a hand-done, hard copy petition in true artist form, so I have whipped up a digital edition to help them get the thing going. I invite you to download it for your civic pleasure!

As I understand it, they want permission to use the Pavilion at the Farmers Market on Sundays to try a democratically organized Artist Coop, where they can get under cover, be centrally located and not have to shell out exhorbitant rents instead of eating. The Farmer's Market only juries once a year and other outlets, such as galleries, can be be quirky. After years of trying everything, they believe the Bellingham Art Market is the answer.

There are contact numbers on the petition, and a place to mail them in. I think a Sunday art stop on the trail is a great idea. If they can get it going, it could be quite affordable for them, interesting to all, and might help keep some of them in beans. The rest I will leave to comments. Don't wait for Jeremy to weigh in, though. He doesn't use computers.

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