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The Bellingham Herald has good reporting in today’s paper on the City Council’s stumbling into a $300,000-plus gift to a local business. The business happens to be owned by one of the best friends of the mayor. The mayor begs us to pay no attention to that as it has nothing to do with this. Right.

Tomorrow morning, Friday at 9 am, the council will meet in special session to sweeten the gift for Walton Distributing in hopes that they will accept the gift. Walton, according to the Herald, says it would do better with a new business location in Ferndale, but they will reconsider the city council offer.

This mess is one more reason why we need new city council representatives. The waste of our tax dollars is obvious. It goes on every month. The council says we will get it back in taxes. Well, yes, in about 10 years - maybe. So we should be delighted to give a tax-free ride to a local business for 10 years? We can invest that money and get more benefit at 2% interest. Each of us can name businesses that would love such a deal. Where do we form the line?

Watch this one play out in the council races.

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