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OregonLNG quits: Cherry Point may be new target

Reliable sources tell me that Williams Pipeline Company is planning to apply for permits to extend a natural gas spur pipeline from their main pipeline at Sumas over to Cherry Point. This feeds the rumor of a plan to build a massive liquified natural gas (LNG) terminal there for shipping liquid gas to other countries. As the threat of a coal terminal diminishes, the threat of a new 4th pier at Cherry Point for LNG super ships begins to become real. The threat to the fishery along our county coast continues.

This morning, OregonLNG confirmed rumors of the past few days. They have announced they are “... ceasing operations immediately.” For 10 years they have sought permits to build a huge LNG shipping terminal at the mouth of the Columbia River near Astoria. Clatsop County residents have fought the company and have apparently succeeded in defeating the huge facility.

The natural gas pipeline that would have supplied the massive Oregon facility actually runs from Canada through Whatcom County and down to the Portland, Oregon area. The company was planning to build a spur pipeline to the Astoria area at the mouth of the Columbia River. For the past few days it has been rumored the project was being abandoned. The announcement went up on their their website at 10:26 this morning.

If readers have further information about Williams' plans for Whatcom County, please post as a comment or let me know. I can keep a source confidential. My email is john@nwhouse.com

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Comments by Readers

Tim Paxton

Apr 18, 2016

Nice article ahead of the local “press”.

Perhaps the Lummi Nation and Whatcom County could now finally get together and buy this land and make it into a maritime wildlife preserve / park?

Is there any one with vision on the County Council who can push this forward?


Carl Weimer

Apr 18, 2016

Here is a link to the Williams pipeline project that has been hatching since last September for a pipeline to Cherry Point - http://co.williams.com/expansionprojects/island-gas-connector/

I know that a couple of large natural gas companies looked at Cherry Point for possible LNG terminals a few years ago, but my understanding of the current Williams proposal is that it is focused on getting gas to Vancouver Island. In the face of the current oversupply of LNG proposals in BC, poor prices globally, and permitting barriers in Washington State, it is hard to imagine someone jumping into the permitting process for LNG at Cherry Point. Now crude oil - that is a different kettle of fish.


John Servais

Apr 18, 2016


Thanks.  Appreciate the expert perspective you have.  The link is also of value to all of us.


Elisabeth Britt

Apr 18, 2016

Hi John, I sent you an email that contains information about B.P.‘s current local LPG production. It appears that they have been producing around 500,000 gallons per day and shipping Butane, a form of LPG to Asia for a number of years via the Alcoa/Intalco pier. I also included recent sales information about the facility and a link to another LPG facility in Longview, Washington called SAGE that is scheduled to begin producing and shipping in the 4th Quarter of 2016.


John Palmer

Apr 19, 2016

I took a 20 minute phone survey from Williams Pipeline Company.  It implied that the terminal was to be on Vancouver Island.  The pipeline was to be built through Whatcom County then under the Strait.  I was not favorable.


Thelma Follett

Apr 19, 2016

This, from September, 2015, is also informative.
September 4, 2015, Samantha Wohlfeil, “Natural gas pipeline proposed for Whatcom County, again,” http://www.bellinghamherald.com/news/local/article34126686.html.

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