Operation Black and Blue Truckers Protest

Byy On

Why is the news media ignoring this huge three state truckers protest? Well, it may be some back room bargains over advertising or corporate togetherness. I have only some scattered reports on exactly what this is about. But if independent truckers are going though this trouble and expense to try and make their concern known to the public, then something worth being covered in the news is happening.

This photo was sent to many news media in an effort to get some public attention. The issues seem to be related to oppressive big brother policies of the shipping companies and insufficient fees for services. This article does not pretend to have the facts straight but is a starter, hoping others can provide more information. I think this much public effort deserves coverage.

Of course if this protest became violent then the news media would cover it. What has to be realized is many groups and causes are simply ignored by the news media unless they go to extremes - and then the corporate media become scolds. I could find nothing on the Bellingham Herald nor the Seattle Times. And yet this has been going on in Whatcom County much of this week.

So, what is going on? What are the issues? Truckers are a mainstay of our economy and should be treated with respect and their service should be valued.

And why is the corporate news media ignoring this issue?

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