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OK for torture goes to the top

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The Army announced it will court marshal a Colonel Jordan for torture of prisoners at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq. His immediate boss, a Colonel Pappas will testify against him with immunity from prosecution. Hmm - so they flipped one guy against the other because these two were a team. A guy does not accept immunity - and rat on his buddy - unless he is vulnerable to conviction himself.

Two years ago, readers of NwCitizen could learn about Pappas and his 205 Military Intelligence Brigade and how they were the guys doing the torture, while the Army was scapegoating General Karpinski of the MPs. From May 4 through May 18, 2004, this website told you that US Army Col. Pappas and his gang of thugs were doing the torture at Abu Ghraib. In 2004, the Army and the US Congress could not seem to find anything.

Two years later and the outrage over the torture has not gone away so the Army is throwing another scapegoat to us. Col Jordan did not act on his own but as one of Col Pappas’ many spineless subordinates who tortured and probably killed prisoners rather than say ‘no’ and report the crimes. Well, folks, the OK for torture goes to the top - to Bush and Rummy and Cheney. No one in the Army dared do anything they were not ordered to do. Sorry, Jordan, but you drew the short straw. That is how the system works.

Also check the August 26, 2004 post as summary of how Pappas and his bunch started their cover-up by deleting photos and pages from their brigade’s website. You thought destruction of government records was illegal? It is but it is meaningless if there is no enforcement and there is none these days in the US.

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