Not political conservative but real conservative

Motor boats off Lake Whatcom? What was that apology from City Senior Planner Chris Spens at the city council on Monday? El-bull-in-china-shop Chris got the word from el mayor that the motor-boat initiative was now part of the city party line. He recanted his arrogant lecture in the Herald.

Look for back lash - er, opposition - to the initiative. All the big-money people around the lake are organizing. They cannot keep it off the ballot but they can defeat it in the election. Sharon Crozier and her fringe environmentalist friends are hell bent to get enough signatures to get it on the ballot. They will probably get enough.

Putting the initiative on the ballot is OK - imho. We should not be afraid of initiatives. My experience with the city and county voters is they show common sense and a conservative view. Not political conservative but real conservative: they do not change things unless there is good reason. There is little reason to ban all motor boats from the lake.

It will be fun to watch the money folks go up against the most extreme environmentalists in the area. This is what results when progressive steps are blocked by local powers. You get extreme actions that threaten reasonable practices. Because the city - mayor - and county have resisted progressive steps to protect our water, we will now face a divisive and hurtful political brouhaha over motor boats. My advice is to the money folks: you bend or you break. Try bending next time.

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