New Year’s Eve and Consumer Fireworks - Ban in Effect

The ban on consumer fireworks that took effect last summer is valid all year, even New Year’s Eve

The ban on consumer fireworks that took effect last summer is valid all year, even New Year’s Eve

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Clay Butler, one of the main movers on achieving a ban on consumer fireworks in Bellingham, wrote the following missive on 9 December to the mayor. police chief and the city council.  Perhaps some public service announcements are scheduled but we have not yet heard anything from the city.

"Mayor Linville and Members of City Council,

     As I am quite sure you realize, the upcoming New Years is the first to be effected by the City's updated fireworks ordinance.  In the past, consumer fireworks were a significant part of the City-wide celebration of the New Year.  I am unaware of any efforts to alert the public at large of the fact that consumer fireworks are no longer allowed at New Years.  Please advise.  THANKS!  Later . . .

Clay Butler"

The 2014 4th of July holiday was noticeably more quiet than in previous years.  It remains to be seen if the New Year will bring in similar results.  The city must continue its enforcement efforts or this ordinance banning consumer fireworks will fall into the dustbin of unenforced laws that linger in the Bellingham Municipal Code only to drive the citizenry to distraction for lack of action.

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Dick Conoboy

Dec 11, 2014

I appears that Clay Butler’s missive to the mayor has sparked some action.  Here is the response to his email to the mayor:

Hi Clay,

Thanks for your concern about this topic! We are all looking forward to safe New Year’s Eve holiday. I’ve just spoken with the police department, and they will be issuing a press release shortly that will serve as a reminder that fireworks are not legal in the City of Bellingham. There will also be additional officers on the streets throughout the evening of New Year’s Eve and they will be taking enforcement action when merited.

Let me know if you have any questions!


Sophia Blamey
Executive Assistant to the Mayor
City of Bellingham
(360) 778-8100 office
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