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Millennial vs Millennial - Presidential Vote

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Recently I received a challenge from a millennial to my preference for Hillary Clinton for president. Instead of answering myself - I’m over 70 - I tossed it to another millennial that I knew was well informed and also favored Hillary. Both are about 30 years old. Here they are - for us to compare. Then at the bottom is a link to Seth Meyers comparing the two candidates. I watched and loved this, and have since received emails urging it be linked. Seth says it for me.

The challenge from a pro Trump millennial.

Some facts:

Hillary lied to Congress and the American people about her emails.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz, as DNC chair, actively worked to help Hillary beat Bernie in the primaries

Donna Brazile, the new chair of the DNC since Debbie resigned (and signed on to work for Hillary) has been caught feeding Hillary the debate questions in multiple debates. She has been severed by CNN yet she is still DNC chair.
***this is two DNC chairs in a row caught rigging the system!

Hillary’s campaign has been caught sending agitators to trump rallies, inciting violence and making the American people believe that Trump supporters are violent, when in fact it was all a hoax created by Hillary’s agitators.

This is just a sample, and things that are not debated even by the liberal media. Think hard about who you are voting for, as these are just the conspiracies and corruptions that have been discovered, and there’s more coming out every day. Voting for an idea of what you wish a person is, rather than what facts show they actually are is nothing more than pulling the wool over your own eyes because you don’t want to believe that your own heroes in politics are not what you thought they were.

The response from a pro Clinton millennial.

Couple of points - first, the sheer amount of death threats and violence at Trump rallies cannot be simply Democratic agitators but let me take this head on. Let me assume that Hillary deliberately rigged the process to beat Bernie and that she deleted her emails to avoid oversight.

Even then, I would still vote for Hillary 100 times over Trump. Hillary has thirty years of public service to evaluate, some of it lousy, some of good, most of it a mixed bag. Trump has zero years of public service and the private sector experience? Trump has left a trail of bankrupt businesses, stiffed contractors and failed ventures.

You want to look at policies? Hillary wants moderate continuation of what we’ve got - tinkering with Obamacare to make it more functional, investing in bridges, roads and schools and increased trade. Donald Trump’s policies barely exist longer than a tweet - the one he has articulated? Build a wall that would be impossibly expensive. That’s not even getting into demonization of muslim people, the condemning of all mexican immigrants as rapists, or the casual talk of using nuclear weapons.

In fact, I’m hard-pressed to think of ANY point in Trump’s life where he has done something for someone else. His foundation seems to exist solely for him to spend other people’s money on stuff for himself. Not even counting the literal millions he has paid to his own company and children as part of his presidential campaign.

Let me be clear, Hillary gives me lots of reasons to pause, but Trump would be a national disaster as a president. I’m going to go with the slippery one I know versus the guy who blows up at people who criticize his tiny fingers on twitter.

- - -

The link to Seth Meyers comparison of Trump vs Clinton. 7:30 minutes, with comparison starting at 6:15. Enjoy.

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Comments by Readers

Dick Conoboy

Nov 03, 2016

The illusion of choice is the stuff of this election. We growl at one another as if it made a difference but the real issue lies deeper. It is vastly more frightening than what these candidates say on any one topic, be it on the Standing Rock Sioux or the emails or Donald’s orange mask or groping. They are symptomatic though, like the weight loss, fatigue and fever that announces a cancer. All can be dismissed or argued over just as we are dismissing and arguing over political symptoms of a monumentally misunderstood fundamental cause.  In Counterpunch today Chris Floyd writes: “This is the only deal in town: outright, unvarnished right-wing rule, or simpering, cowardly “moderate” management of a violent, rapacious system. That’s been the choice on offer since 1976. That’s the choice on offer today. The only difference is that the system has metastasized to a monstrous degree over the years: lacking any genuine opposition, the system has grown more violent, more rapacious.”  

The millenials quoted above seem to be unaware of history and that is the sad story of our times. 


Tip Johnson

Nov 04, 2016

Sadly, no matter which major party candidate wins, voters can’t prevent sending a sexual predator to the Whitehouse.


Dick Conoboy

Nov 04, 2016

An astute observation, Mr. Johnson.