Memorial Day, 2007

This writer - living in a small town in Washington State - has no ability to add value above national writers who have covered the Iraq war and politics in Washington. Only on local issues - Bellingham and Whatcom County - can I add value that cannot be found in our local corporate media. But I can speak out and be permanently on the record with my opinion. Our democracy still grants me that right - and my voice can be added to that of others who find this war loathsome. And I can apply my common sense to what I read. With that in mind, here is one citizen's views on this Memorial Day, 2007.

Bush will suddenly find a reason to withdraw the troops when Karl Rove tells him to - and that will happen when the Iraqis ask us to leave (all choreographed from the White House) - and that will be before Memorial Day 2008. Bush's exit strategy is now there for all to see and hear - he is now saying more frequently that we will leave when they ask us to which means he has his own timeline for withdrawal.

Our armed service members go where they are ordered and do what they are ordered. I served - during the Vietnam era but in Germany where we had the Cold War. Anyone who has served knows the choice is not theirs - and also knows that speaking out brings petty recriminations from the military brass. Freedom of speech is largely denied to our service members.

It is for us - the civilians who have the luxury of easy living - to speak out against this war - the aggression against an innocent country - this rape and destruction of a land and people who did us no harm and were no threat to us. The Romans said they were bringing the Roman Peace to peoples they slaughtered. The Spanish and the Roman Church said they were bringing Christianity to the American natives but they brought genocide and torture and then enslaved them for the large mission plantations that supported the Spanish. Now we say we are bringing Democracy to Iraq but we are only seeking world domination and a lock on the profits of oil resources. And we have spent 4 years destroying the oldest civilization in the world. We will go down in history as merely another in a long succession of aggressive military powers that raped other countries for our own profit.

This website plainly spoke out against this war before it started in March 2003 - and the facts that are now being 'discovered' were plainly posted here from Feb thru April. Go check. The present quagmire was also predicted. Hmm - how could that be since I have no information aside from what I read? How could I have known what Hillary and McCain and Rick Larsen and all the other puffed-up leaders are now saying they had no idea was happening? How indeed. How can all we Americans - who elected Gore and Kerry our presidents only to see coups by the Bush criminal mob - be so right and our leaders be so wrong? How could common citizens all over our USA have known facts and the future that our media and 'leaders' did not know?

That - my fellow citizen - is the question you should really think about this Memorial Day as we watch our sons and daughters get killed and maimed and traumatized for life in an idiotic war on the other side of the world. I salute our armed service members and those who have obeyed orders and then been killed and maimed and my heart goes out to the parents and dear ones of those so destroyed and damaged. And I only wish that more of those who also detest this war would find the damn guts to speak out loudly against this madness. Now you know how it happened in Germany in the 1930s - they did not speak out as they thought it would never go as far as it did. We can no longer look down our noses at the Germans for allowing Hitler to achieve total power.

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