McCain’s ‘walk through the safe market’

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This from Juan Cole - on Tuesday. Lest we forget the trauma we are foisting on the world.

21 Shiites from McCain's Market Killed
3 US Troops Killed Massive Truck Bomb at Kirkuk

Remember that Baghdad market visited on Sunday by Senator John McCain to show how calm things are? James Hider of the London Times writes, , "21 Shia market workers were ambushed, bound and shot dead north of the capital. The victims came from the Baghdad market [Shurja] visited the previous day by John McCain, the US presidential candidate, who said that an American security plan in the capital was starting to show signs of progress."

McCain walked through the market surrounded by 100 US Army soldiers and with three helicopter gun ships circling overhead. The market was also swept before his arrival by US Troops. And he wore an armored vest. And after the 'walk through the safe market' he was widely reported in the corporate media of saying how safe Baghdad was becoming and that he could walk through the wonderful open air market. Of course, because of his walk, the very people who he nodded to and possibly spoke with were executed that night. Our corporate media seem to have forgotten to tell us that as strongly as they reported McCain's statement.

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