Mayoral Debate

The two differed strongly on several issues. The differences between them are becoming more apparent and this should continue for the next two weeks.

Brett continues to develop his Lake Whatcom protection plans in a way that should appeal to the most strident environmentalists. He said - and passed out a white paper stating - that as Mayor the inaction of the past several years will end. Brett will assert Bellingham’s authority under state law to take the lead in protecting the lake - even if that means taking legal control of the entire watershed. Mark poo-poohed that idea, saying the city cannot do that by law and listing his plans - more committees, more studies, more research and more discussions.

Mark’s leadoff question to Brett was to challenge him to name what groups and organizations have endorsed him. Brett replied that very few have and noted that it is perceived that those who do not support Mark know they risk retaliation in their dealings with City Hall. Brett noted the fire and police organizations endorsed Mark without interviewing himself. He also noted Mark is a registered Democrat and of course they also did not invite Brett to be interviewed.

Brett’s leadoff question to Mark asked why Mark spent over $5,000 in Seattle for printing his brochures. Mark replied that he needed top quality and needed them done on time. He also said the Seattle print shop he used was Union and provided health benefits and other benefits to its employees. Brett responded that he kept his spending in Bellingham and Whatcom County and felt he got full value here.

Let’s see how the Herald does with this in the morning. John Stark was there taking notes.

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