Marian Beddill at Village Books Tonight 7pm

Marian Beddill will be reading from and signing copies of her recent autobiography. Expect thrills, danger, lust and adventure.

Marian Beddill will be reading from and signing copies of her recent autobiography. Expect thrills, danger, lust and adventure.

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Political junkies will not want to miss the tell-all no-holds-barred tale of Marian Beddill, local social mover and shaker.  Thrills, danger, lust and adventure abound as Marian makes the transition from an All-American boy born in Shreveport, LA in 1936 to the “one riot - one ranger” powerhouse that she is today.

The title of the book is None Of The Three:

"I am confident my parents were sure that they were doing the right thing when they tried to raise me as a Dixiecrat-Southern, hard-line Methodist, guy, but I found out early in life that I was --- None of the Three."

Seventy six years later Marian is a grandmother, a several-time around-the-world traveler, a Lieutenant in the Air Force Weather Service, a civil engineer, founding member of the Whatcom Human Rights Task Force, co-founder the Bellingham chapter of PFLAG (Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays), former officer in the League of Women Voters in Whatcom/Bellingham, anti-war organizer and a kaleidoscope of other lifestyles and actions.

In an interview with the Bellingham Herald, Beddill said, “...I never outed myself to my work circles until I retired, nor have I heard of anyone knowing about my gender duality until I finally outed myself.

“One place that was safe was the Unitarian congregation in Washington, D.C.. where I lived.  I showed up there as Marian on Sundays, and it was a warm welcome as I knew it would be.  But Monday through Saturday, I lived as Marvin.

Marian wrote her autobiography to introduce the secret part of her life to her grandchildren and their children.  Marian says, “ My family is widely dispersed, my four grandkids (all now adults) have never really known me. So I am introducing them to me -- to all of me -- this way. 

Come tonight to Village Books at 7pm for the author reading and book-signing.

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Marian Beddill

Sep 04, 2012

Thank you, Paul

Yup, I have lived an interesting life.


Marian Beddill

Sep 05, 2012

The actual website for the book, is the “dot-com one: .

And I am pleased to report that we had a packed house Tuesday night - SRO.

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