March 2009 Temperatures for Bellingham

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Bill McCallum has sent us the temperature graph for March. As he notes:

While March 2009 had the same number of days with temperatures above normal, 4 of them, as did March 2008, the actual mean temperature was almost a degree below last year. For March 2008 the actual mean was 41.6 and for March 2009 it was 40.8

According to the March 27 New York Times (page A18) a 30-year cycle of Pacific Ocean temperatures has entered a cold part of the cycle. That may explain the reason for the cool temperatures over the past two years. If you remember, April 2008 was also very cool with 4 actual days above normal.

Bill has created these beautiful charts for 14 months now. They are the sort of graphic is visually informative - something that is hard to create. We will soon post the ones we missed and assign them to their appropriate earlier dates. You can search the earlier ones using the drop down categories menu at top and selecting “Science & Weather”.

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Comments by Readers

g.h. kirsch

Apr 03, 2009

So much for global warming!

“Global warming” (the term coined during the warming from 1977 to 1998) is over.  No warming above the temperatures of 1998 has occurred, and global cooling has deepened since 2005.

The reason for global cooling over the past decade is the switch of the Pacific Ocean from its warm mode (where it has been from 1977 to 1998) to its cool mode in 1999. 

This is related to the minimal solar activity and the decline in heat being absorbed in the ocean.

The global climate in turn follows the ocean temperature.  The Pacific switches back and forth from warm to cool modes about every 30 years, a phenomenon known as the Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO).

In 1977, the PDO switched from its cool mode to its warm mode, initiating what was trumpeted as catastrophic “global warming.”

The eastern Pacific, off the coast of North America was characterized by warm water from 1977 to 1998 and the global climate warmed.

By 1999 ocean temperatures showed the development of a strong cool PDO in the eastern Pacific and the beginning of the cool cycle. Satellite image of ocean temperature recorded since show the continued entrenchment of the cool cycle.

Each time this has occurred in the past century, global temperatures have remained cool for about 30 years.  Thus, the current sea surface temperatures not only explain why we have had global cooling for the past 10 years, but also assures that cool temperatures will continue for several more decades.

The advent of the cooling trend was not predicted by the Gore/Hansen global warming alarmist’s climate model. 

Those who follow the El Nino Southern Oscillation (ENSO) since the historic event of 1997 are well aware of the continued cooling trend throughout the equatorial Pacific, a prime driver, with the sun, of global climate.

It is the somewhat erratic movement of the earth on its axis that varies the angle of the planet to the sun, and where on earth the rays from the sun are directed. 

Sometimes the suns rays are reflected off the Great Tibetan Plain. Sometimes they are absorbed by the equatorial Pacific.  In the latter instance they warm the ocean and create increasing warmth in the atmosphere.

It is far from predictable whether the next cycle of solar activity will heat the ocean or not; or when it will begin. 

It’s even possible, should the solar minimum continue, that by the end of this century will the climate not be warmer, but our decendents will experience some level of an ice age.

Inspite of elevated CO2 levels the cooling of the past decade directly contradicts the propaganda of Gore and his carbon trading allies; that the salvation of civilization requires reducing CO2 emissions,and trading the rights to release CO2 through their businesses.

The warming was a convenient half-truth they could exploit.  It’s still not too late to stop them!


Ham Hayes

Apr 03, 2009

John, thanks to you and Bill for the great data!

Greg, thanks for your clear and concise explanation.  We have been experiencing politics trying to “own” science rather than science informing us. 

Some people tend to think that science in the form of analysis and models is telling the truth and is prescriptive. The history of science has shown many debates raging around the interpretation of the data available. As more data becomes available prior interpretations and understandings have been known to shift.  Gee whiz, scientists are not infallible after all. 

Good scientists don’t drink their own bath water.  They remain skeptical of their own work.  Politicians are not so constrained.


g.h. kirsch

Apr 03, 2009

Thanks Ham, but what we’ve actually been witnessing is the financial oligarchs trying to own science and politics.