Like toxic water flowing from GP

The link to No Forced Fluoride in Bellingham is posted to the right. The pro-fluoride initiative backers - financed by Seattle powers with well-laundered money passed along to hide the sources - has succeeded in paying for enough signatures in Bellingham. Expect a clear sailing through city hall and to the ballot in November. The city lawyers and council like this initiative and will see no evil. Unlike the Motor Boats Off initiative of last summer - where city staff, under the strict supervision of Mayor Mark - found one fictional problem after another and kept the initiative off the ballot.

Money speaks. Fluoride is a costly by-product of other industrial processes. It has little market - except as a tooth treatment. While individual homes can use it for their teeth if they choose, much more money is to be made from selling to municipal water treatment plants.

The buying and selling of signatures is a dirty business. When Tim Eyeman does it, our liberal do-gooder elites scream foul. The same folks see nothing wrong with doing it for their own crusades. In the end we cannot legislate money out of politics. But we can vote it down by paying attention to where it is the dictating force. Fluoridation is such an issue. Money whose source has not been explained is flowing into this forced fluoride campaign like toxic water flowing from GP. Shame on the local doctors lending their names to this dirty politics.

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