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The very 'in' Old Spice Man videos are surpassing the Hitler videos for fun viewing. Now comes the New Spice Man touting the value of libraries. Link below. Enjoy. And think about it.

As we have 'saved' our Fairhaven Library from being closed by the Library Administration and Trustees (of all people) we can note how the Mt. Baker Foothills folks are building themselves a new library in Kendall. All donated materials and labor. Our country cousins have something to teach our Library Trustees: libraries are still very treasured and valuable. Libraries are fabulous.

Enjoy the video.

Oh - and, well, while we are having fun: the Hitler bunker rants are now on just about every topic. The movie rights' owners tried shutting them down, to no avail. I now have fun trying to find a subject that Hitler does not rant about. Really. At YouTube, type in the search word 'Hitler' and most any other word or two - vuvuzelas, Old Spice Man, World Cup, Obama, Super Bowl - and you will find a rant from the bunker in late April 1945. My favorite is the Tesla electric car. Tesla did disappoint many potential customers with delays and price increases.

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