Letter: Stop the Sleaze

Myra Ramos writes about the smear of candidate Sharon Shewmake

Myra Ramos writes about the smear of candidate Sharon Shewmake

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It's fair to hold an elected official accountable for their voting record. What is not fair is to misrepresent and distort that record.

Many of us have received a mailer saying Sharon Shewmake voted to make it more expensive to stay in our homes. If true, that would be alarming. And also totally at odds with her legislative record.

But it is not true.

The bill mentioned on the attack mailer is SB5998, which Shewmake voted for in 2019. It is not about property taxes affecting those who stay in their homes but about taxes on home sales. And that bill actually lowered the excise tax rate on the sale of any home for $500,000 or less. It even results in a slightly lower tax rate on homes up to $1,500,000. Check it out.

Those selling homes for more than a million and a half dollars can surely afford to pay a higher tax rate--on the portion above that amount. Which is what the bill calls for. How many of us are in that market? Not many.

Let's be clear--this legislation cuts sales taxes on lower-and-mid-priced homes. 

The folks who wrote and sent that attack mailer know it is false. They just hope we'll be confused by the scary headlines smearing Representative Shewmake. 

This mailer is a dirty trick. Stop the sleaze.

Myra Ramos, Lummi Island

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