Letter: Secretary of Department of Corrections

Irene Morgan writes a public letter to Governor Inslee about a new director of prisons

Irene Morgan writes a public letter to Governor Inslee about a new director of prisons


Dear Governor Inslee,

I am writing to you today after learning your Department of Corrections (DOC) Secretary, Stephen Sinclair is resigning. I’ve watched over the decades as many people have cycled through this very important position. My suggestion may be considered odd, though as I have worked with the folks involved with conviction histories I’ve often wondered why there were not more of this segment inside the system in positions to effect change.

I’ve met with and have watched Christopher Poulos, in his current position with the Statewide ReEntry Council, bring forth his knowledge through his experience. He knows the myriad barriers, the needs, the gaps that cause the greatest harm for people trying to return to society.

I reflect on the quote, “nothing about us, without us”. This to me is one of those instances. To make the changes needed and the recent public outcry and demands for reallocation of funds, it seems that appointing someone from the ranks would be appropriate. If we are to make the difference Washington State needs in its policy for successful reentry, we must enlist the services of an outstanding personality as Christopher Poulos.

I understand the DOC budget has been increased substantially for the next biennium. I believe that increase should go to new programs for stabilizing and re-programing the trauma from incarceration, as well as major increases in the current budget for reentry programs.

I am enclosing our plan for the RestoreALife Center; a 3 pronged program with housing, employment and education and a Health and Wellness center to heal and reprogram all aspects of the harm done by incarceration and while incarcerated – a Re-Humanizing if you will.

I would like to be invited to share our programs and share other programs that are used and show great success in other areas of our country and other nations.

Thank you in advance for your consideration of my requests. With Peace and Good Will and Right Action for ALL.

Irene R. Morgan, Bellingham, Founder - Restorative CommUnity Coalition

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Editor note: The coalition is a Whatcom County organization founded in 2006.

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