Letter: DCEs and Privatization of Medicare

Lynda Hanscome writes about being notified she is now included in a DCE

Lynda Hanscome writes about being notified she is now included in a DCE


To Whom It May Concern:

My husband (retired Military) and I moved to Bellingham 2 years ago.  We have both been very happy with our primary care physicians at Peace Health.

However, on May 27, 2022, I received a message that my doctor had joined a DCE at Peace Health.  I was absolutely shocked to learn that I was automatically enrolled in this for-profit entity, but I was never told that this was happening nor was I given an opportunity to opt out.

Now, I am asking myself:  In the future, where will my doctor's interest be:  on the best health care treatment options for me OR on (less expensive) treatment options that provide the most financial benefit to my doctor through direct payments by the DCE? 

I am really frightened that this is the kiss of death for traditional medicare.  I now know from reading about this issue that there are some very smart, well educated people who have been fighting to have these 'pilot' programs terminated by Presidential Executive Action in Washington.  I can't help but wonder if resistance to privatized-medicare is a losing battle because politicians are funded by Wall Street entities and health insurance lobbyists.  Where can ordinary people like me turn to for guidance and help?  Thank you.

Respectively submitted,

Lynda Hanscome (Ed.D), Cordata Neighbourhood

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