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If you are filling out your ballot this evening, you want to now drop it in a ballot drop box before 8 pm Tuesday. It is now too late to mail it. The map above shows the locations of the 18 drop boxes in Whatcom County - and you can click here to see the interactive map on the county auditor’s web page.

The first counting of ballots will be posted by the auditor Tuesday evening about 8:20 pm. We will post a link to the results page as soon as it is posted. Or you can go to the auditor’s web page where she will add a link to the resluts as soon as she posts them shortly after 8 pm Tuesday evening.

Rank Choice Voting

You can participate in a fun and informative mock election - and then compare the results with the actual election.

Fair Vote of Whatcom County has web pages where we can mock vote for the Bellingham mayor and the Whatcom County executive races. But with rank choice voting. And you can then view the results - and more interstingly see how these results compare with the actual real election results. Well, granted, this is a political junkie idea of fun.

Try it out.

Whatcom County Executive

Bellingham Mayor

40th District State Senate Seat

What may be interesting is that as of this evening it appears that 99% of the participants on this are Bellingham residents and they are liberal, progressive or D party members. How in hell can I state that? Well, I was the 113th person to vote for the county executive on this, and I was the first one to list Tony Larson as one of my choices. Chew on that for a moment. So, this county mock vote has zero information about how the county executive race will turn out. But - it seems it may be a good poll for how the city mayoral election will go as far as which of the three liberals will go to the general election with Garrett O’Brien. Seth, Pinky or April. That is the question.

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Comments by Readers

Lisa E. Papp

Aug 06, 2019

The mock election results are interesting!


Sam Crawford

Aug 06, 2019

The FairVote poll will gain a LOT of credibility if this becomes a Fleetwood/O’Brien general election race. Thank you for sharing the link!

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