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Lake Whatcom land deal; “technicality” loses Herald’s letters

By On

Tom Pratum has some good information on the proposed - and still mostly secret - Lake Whatcom land reconveyance plan. He posted it on the North Cascades Audubon Society website, which he runs. It outlines what a reconveyance is and has a map showing the land around the lake. It is worth reading on this subject.

On another topic that is currently swirling around:

Expect the Herald to print Barbara Rofkar’s letter criticizing the Herald’s judgment in running the racist political cartoon. Seems Letters Editor Scott Ayers did not realize that was a letter to the editor. Yes, we are expected to believe that. He is checking on another person’s emails that were sent to the correct address - and Scott wonders if some “technicality” caused them to be lost. He is checking with his computer technicians. Yes, we are expected to believe that. Scott referred in his blog to the missing letters as “conspiracy theories”. Now it is becoming a question of how many letters from how many people were mis-routed or lost.

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