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I am posting this press release virtually as received because KMRE is doing on local radio what we are trying to do here - inform citizens on issues in our community. Yes, there is music and drama - but also news and interviews that are so valuable for our being informed. Radio station manager, Suzanne Blais, writes about it better than I could. Here is her press release. Please let others know about these meetings this weekend. Hopefully the snow will be gone so you can get to one of these meetings. - John Servais, publisher

KMRE Community Radio Splits From SPARK Museum, Holds Town Hall

Meeting To Determine Its Future

BELLINGHAM, WA—Thirteen-year old community radio station KMRE 102.3 FM ( is holding two community meetings to determine its new home and future.

3:00 pm Saturday, November 4, Bellingham Public Library, 210 Central Avenue

5:00 pm Sunday, November 5, Fairhaven Library, 1117 12th Street

After more than a decade of broadcasting from the SPARK Museum, KMRE 102.3 FM, one of the few independent nonprofit community stations on the FM dial is looking for a new home.

“SPARK Museum has been a great host to us for all these years however due to space issues, we will need to find a new location for our community studio.” said Station Manager Suzanne Blais.

The Federal Communications Commission rarely grants licenses for community stations. KMRE must continue to broadcast as they look for a new location or lose its license and the public’s access to the airwaves.

“If this signal goes away, it is likely that Bellingham and Whatcom County will never see access to the community airwaves again,” said Blais, “If local media is important to you, now is the time to show up.”

The change comes at a time of expansion for the station. KMRE has steadily upgraded their studio over the last year and more than doubled the amount of local programming they broadcast, providing over 30 local programs. “This is a big step for us—it’s an opportunity to evolve into a separate organization from the Spark Museum, which has many challenges, but is also very exciting.”

KMRE features local arts and educational programs like “Spark Science,” and “Up Close and Personal.” It is also one of the few remaining sources for classic style radio dramas. Viking Radio Theatre, Bellingham Terror and the Chuckanut Radio Hour are locally produced at KMRE.

Thanks to a partnership with Daylight Properties, KMRE’s transmitter is located on top of the Bellingham Herald building, allowing the signal to reach north to Ferndale and south into Skagit County. With a potential change in location, the station seeks to know if the community wants it to continue broadcasting or if it is time to hang up the microphones.

“If you love community radio, the local shows we produce on KMRE, and public access to airwaves, we need to hear from you at one of these meetings or over the next month. This is our chance to decide what KMRE will become. We are working very hard to ensure that KMRE stays on the air but we can’t do it without public input,” said Blais. “Together, we can ensure our community has a voice on the air for years to come.”

Contact Suzanne Blais, Station Manager

Phone: (360) 510-6902. Email:

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