It’s Enough to Make Anyone Grumpy

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It’s been a pretty sorry spring so far. With the exception of Ski to Sea weekend, our little corner of the globe has been somewhat less than a sunny paradise and more like a grey, cloudy, gloomy, cold, damp cave. Global warming folks gleefully tell me “I told you so!” That global warming would bring cold weather? “It’s all part of the cycle they happily explain, wait until you see what summer feels like!” I don’t mind these folks actually crowing over this fowl weather, I just wish they wouldn’t enjoy it so much.

Have you checked out the bee situation? I’ve seen just two Honey Bees this spring working my flower beds. There seem to be more Bumble Bees this year and a few more Mason Bees but where are the Honey Bees? And plants and shrubs spurt when it warms up for a day or two, then patiently sit waiting for the sun to come out again.

There are changes afoot in the cool western breezes that cause me to still use the electric blanket at night, changes in more than weather patterns, changes that will impact all of us in ways hard to imagine.

The economy has remained cool in spite of those rebate checks. How did you spend yours? Mine is still in the works or in the mail. By the way have you noticed the still broken door at the Orleans Post Office, the invisible stripes in the parking lot, the self-service vending machines gone from the lobby, the longer than ever lines extending out into the lobby pretty much all day? You gotta love the post office! You can pay more for postage and receive even poorer service in return. I think they are renting out their parking spaces to folks working in the mall across the street to make a few extra bucks.

I read the other day that the railroads are now looking for a handout from the Feds to help rebuild their infrastructure; seems they have neglected their capital needs for quite a few years. They warn if a train is delayed in Chicago, it will impact a train departing L.A. Trains are backed up, planes are stacked up, boats are docked up, cars are backed up on I-5 through little ol Bellingham. We could blame all of this on global warming too and those true believers would just smile and nod.

Our local political leaders are getting ready for the national presidential nominating conventions where millions will be spent on lavish parties that will accomplish very little except waste paper and our time. Have you ever read the local platforms of any of the political parties? It’s hard to believe the politicos would actually put some of this stuff in writing and still expect folks to vote for any of their candidates. I suppose you could also blame this nonsense on global warming but it would be a stretch.

How are you doing with the price of gasoline? I filled my wife’s car the other day for $42. The SUV in front of me spent $117! I notice a lot more cars parked along Barkley Boulevard and other main thoroughfares with For Sale signs in the windows. A couple of more houses went up for sale on my block and one actually sold.

It looks like there is a fight brewing over developing another forested portion of our paradise (Governor’s Point). Everyone seems a little grumpy these days. Damn cold weather! Damn global warming!

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g.h. kirsch

Jun 05, 2008

Well, welcome to the club Myron.  It will certainly be nice to have an alternative to the rest of us pontificators.

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