Israel has never wanted peace

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Conservative Pat Buchanan has it right in his column posted Thursday. We should not be supporting Israel in its war of destruction of Lebanon. He rips up the extreme right wing-nuts who support Israeli aggression, planned the Iraq war and are now calling for the USA to bomb Iran. Indeed, he explains how nuts they are. How blood-lusting they are and how irresponsible they are.

Personally, I think this summer now has the chance of going down in history with the summer of 1914 - when arrogance, blind following of past practices and no real thinking by some governments led to WWI and the breakup of the old order. This time, it is Britain (as in 1914), the USA and Israel. The Islamic countries are being shown this summer how little the USA respects them or cares about them. We may be about to lose the few allies we have in the Mideast.

History will show that Israel decided to destroy Lebanon and looked for an excuse. Lebanon was becoming an economic competitor to Israel. Yes, we were close to peace but Israel has never wanted peace. It wants to dominate the Mideast and uses provocations and war towards this goal. The USA pays the bills.

Thousands of Americans are not fleeing a Nazi German army, or a Communist North Vietnam army - they are fleeing the jet bombers and cannons of Israel - who are flying US F-16 jet bombers and shooting US 155mm cannon shells. American citizens are fleeing the rampaging army that is supported by its own government. Why have we not seen any TV news commentator say that obvious fact?

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