Israel has concocted another war

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The pogrom to prevent a Palestinian State continues. Terror and murder are the normal weapons. Again the chance to form a nation and live normally is being destroyed by Israel. This is the plan and we American taxpayers are paying the billions of dollars a year to Israel for this destruction.

I’ve talked with people who have been to Palestine. They tell horror stories of the Israelis destroying schools, destroying olive groves, destroying the homes of innocent people with bulldozers, taking land, insulting in the most gross and obscene ways Palestinians who are trying to be civil.

Have you taken a vacation to an Israeli hot vacation spot? After their tour of Army service, the young Israelis get a long vacation in one of many choice spots amount the world. Meeting one of them and getting to know them is a real eye opener. They are the most racist people you have ever met. For them to accuse others of prejudice is the height of comedy.

The cover story that Israel is defending itself is just that - cover. Israel consistently drives Palestine to the ends of frustration and then attacks. Each time it is some minor reason. Note that Israel spent the first few days destroying much of rebuilt Beirut - not fighting Hezbollah.

Now - this is not criticism of American Jews or Jewish people in general. Indeed, I’ve lived among them on the East Coast and they are the most civil, intelligent and gentle people. The nation of Israel is the monster. And many American Jews are now critical of that nation. As am I. And critical of our billions of tax dollars each year that supports their aggressions.

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