Is criticism of Israel also implied criticism of Jews?

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Especially American Jews? Does this show a prejudice against Jewish persons? Racism? Anti-Semite feelings?

Of course I say no, but then the knowing smiles greet me. It has been suggested to me in a recent email that Mel Gibson at least apologized and I have not. My my. So, shall we equate disgust with the Irish Republican Army with a prejudice against Americans with some Irish blood? How about blaming American blacks for the atrocities in the Congo? Or Catholics for some of the more absurd pronouncements of the Pope or some Bishops? Or Chinese Americans for what China does in Tibet? Or Cuban Americans for what Fidel does?

Well, we did round up all Japanese Americans in 1942 and put them into concentration camps. How absolutely dumb - and we now realize it. To go to war with Japan should not have caused us to turn on Americans of Japanese descent.

I am quite critical of the Israeli war tactics. This has nothing to do with Jews in America - and actually not Jews in other countries. Now, when Jews contribute to Israel and support Israeli war practices then I will disagree with them and happily argue the issues. But be prejudiced against them? No. They are not the Israeli government.

And I certainly wish that those in other countries would not blame me for the actions of Bush and our USA these past few years. I am embarrassed as an American.

Let us keep things in perspective and separate in our minds. It is the dumb ones with little intelligence who get separate items all mixed up and lumped into 2 or 3 categories. Let us not be frozen in fear of being labeled a racist or unpatriotic or immoral for speaking out when the facts seem to support a opinion that is contrary from what is popular or conventional.

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