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- given US media skewed news - the kidnapping of two Israeli soldiers on July 12 took place inside Lebanon - not Israel. The Israeli army routinely has violated the peace agreement by sending patrols into Lebanon - and that is where the Hezbolah captured them. Not, as Israel and the US media told us in Israel. Still trying to learn if it was in the Sheba Farms which Israel never left.

So - this is more and more of a setup war by Israel and the US to invade and destroy Lebanon. Three years from now our US Representative Rick Larsen will say he had no idea and that no one would have suspected this. Rick has been a Lieberman like supporter of the war since the get go. He likes to craft his votes and statements so he appears war supporting to Whidbey Islanders and the Navy base there but worried about the war to Bellinghamites. Rick can speak out against the madness anytime - but he probbly won’t.

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