I would sure welcome some company online

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The look of this home page has changed today. The flag is larger and now fits official flag specs. My thanks to Conrad Suckow for this. While it is larger, the image for downloading is 1/20 the former size, which benefits those on dialup access. The right side column is being organized to help you find other websites more quickly. Some are natural, such as the Bellingham Herald and others are of special interest, such as the Olympic Pipeline Explosion Report. Of course the selection represents my perspective of what is of value.

Today marks 8 years that NwCitizen has been online. It is still the only political blog in Whatcom County. I would love to post a link to another if there was one. This site has tried to act as a counter to the Herald. They pick and choose what news events fit their criteria for reporting - covering up or distorting reports on issues and events that do not advance their profits. We cannot get too mad at them as individuals - Gannett fires those who do not toe the line. It is rather up to us in the community to act and develop other news sources.

There are several local individuals who could contribute greatly to political dialog by editing a blog. I wish they would. Bellingham and Whatcom County citizens would benefit. And the Herald would improve. Democracy is a participatory process, not a spectator sport. We either participate or live with oppresive government and taxes. Besides that, I would sure welcome having some company online.

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