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I know, it is not local stuff,

By On

but too much fun to resist. Local coming - with a bang.

The Dixie Chicks played to their third sellout crowd last night. One person stood outside with a protest sign. One. A search of Google News shows no reports from Fox News or CNN - the two corporate media outfits that “reported” how much Americans were mad at the ladies. Why no protests? Maybe because there never was any backlash but it was all created by news media and radio stations owned by the same corporations. Remember - radio stations refused to play their songs.

Point? You cannot believe much of what Fox News tells you. Most right-wing fanatics use Fox for their facts, which explains why a lot of them are so ill informed. Fox is simply a propaganda outfit for the extreme right. Fox is not a news outfit. Once you understand that then you can check with Fox for the right wing fantasy of how the world goes around and not be misled.

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