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I have no edge on anyone

By On
• In War & Peace,

GW Bush says we critics of his war are rewriting history. He says no one knew the intelligence was false in the spring of 2003 and going to war had broad support. Well, this common citizen in the far Pacific Northwest knew the reasons were bogus and lies - and I repeatedly posted that on this website. If I knew, then everyone else could know because I have no edge on anyone.

Feb 15, 2003 - over a month before the “shock and awe” invasion - this website pointed out Colin Powell’s speech at the UN was bogus. How could I know? From reading foreign posts and news websites besides the NY Times and other Americana mainstream news media. From not buying into war mongering. Go read the posts from throughout the spring of 2003. Rewriting history? Those posts were made with information available to all - before the invasion.

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