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How do Americans win? By cheating,

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of course. Today American baseball umpire Bob Davidson nicely reversed a call in the new Baseball Classic which gave the American team a win over the Japanese - who were threatening to win. No problem. The film shows he was wrong. No problem. Game over. Americans move on and Japan gets eliminated. (He did not make a bad call - he reversed a good call) We can’t have the Americans lose the first-ever International baseball tournament.

Barry Bonds? Just juice it up and set records. No problem. Bud Selig and Baseball management will just look the other way because fans are watching the games and revenue is up. Cheating? Hey, the game is money.

America’s Cup sailing competitions were won for years by the Americans cheating - on the rules and with the race committees. No problem. The American way.

Iraq. We absolutely destroy towns and kill thousands of innocents - and then make it too dangerous for our own news reporters to go near the action. No problem. We must win. We cannot lose. It is the American way. Cheat - even if it means killing those who might tell the truth. Not to mention thousands of innocent people. No problem. It is the American way. The C-130 gunships are back in Iraq - the most horrible killing machines on earth. Our military loves them. They destroyed much of the city of Fallujah. No problem.

We all watch the Steelers be given the Super Bowl. Referees on the take from organized gambling? Probably. Lot of money there. Besides, the league wanted the Steelers to win. It was their turn. No problem. Cheat. The fans will be back next year. Lot of upset folks but no loss of revenue. The American way.

Bush can’t win election in 2000 nor 2004 by a fair process. So the dirty tricks are trotted out - close polls early, disqualify good voters, intimidate, phone wrong directions, stuff ballot boxes, modify the electronic voting counts - anything, but win. Oh - and have the Supreme Court rule in violation of the constitutional processes. No problem. Must win. What can the Democrats do? Election over. Winner declared.

“Good guys finish last” said Leo. What he meant is the cheats are given the green light in America. In our country it only counts if you win. Not how you play - not fairness nor following the rules. Winning.

Kill innocents or make that needed bad call - but win. What a country.

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