Hold your nose, but vote

Byy On

Gentle reader - if you are liberal and against the war, then please please vote for Rick Larsen. Hold your nose, but vote for him. And, a bit easier, vote for Maria Cantwell. I am meeting friends who are strongly anti-war - and they are leaving the ballot empty next to the choice for US Representative. It is only with a Democratic party control of the US Congress that we have any hope of ending our national nightmare. If you think we have a loss of rights and a confused national policy now then you might think about how worse it can get if Bush gets a Republican Congress for the next two years. Rick is ineffectual in Congress and not a leader. We can toss him out in two years. But right now we need his breathing body in the House of Representatives as a Democrat. Don’t kid yourself that Roulstone cannot win and your vote does not matter. That is the most common cause of political disaster. The two things you can personally do to help end the nightmare in Iraq are to vote for Rick and Maria.

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