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Have you seen the movie yet?

Seems most of my conservative friends are avoiding it. But they tell me what they think of Michael Moore and they are not nice comments. They should see the movie first.

Fahrenheit 9/11 is the #4 movie after three weeks in theaters and has grossed over $80 million. It has legs. If you have seen it then you know it will impact the election this fall. Bush is out. Will Cheney now withdraw for “health” reasons and allow McCain to be put on the ticket?

Let me add to my comments/review of July 3.

The movie is more an indictment of our news media than it is of Bush. It is not - NOT - an indictment of Republicans or conservatives. It is a direct slam of Bush and his family and his motives. And his lack of intelligence. But no wonder our news media are so angry at the film as it really slams them.

I never knew that Bush’s inaugural parade down Pennsylvania Avenue was pelted with eggs and thousands of people were protesting and the motorcade had to speed down the Avenue to escape. Our news media did not tell me that.

I never knew that numerous black US Congress representatives tried to force a floor debate and vote on the presidential election process but that VP Al Gore and every single Democratic Senator refused to help them. Our Senators Murray and Cantwell refused to help them. These courageous black representatives were left out in the wind. This is a condemnation of our liberal friends. Shame on them. And on our news media who never reported this to us.

Moore makes a convincing case that Bush should not be reelected. But he does not make any case against conservatives or for liberals. My conservative friends should go see the movie. Bush does not represent the conservative values of Goldwater nor of fiscal conservative Republicans. Moore has made a movie that points out a lack of conservative values in Bush and his administration.

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