Gunfight at Cornwall Park on Wednesday

Nothing in the Herald this morning, so NWCitizen is informing citizens of shootout at Cornwall Park.

Nothing in the Herald this morning, so NWCitizen is informing citizens of shootout at Cornwall Park.

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About 4 p.m. yesterday, Wednesday, Bellingham Police are reported to have engaged in a gunfight with suspected drug dealers at Cornwall Park on Meridian Street.  Several shots were exchanged between the police and the suspects.  Up to seven police cars converged on the park and at least two people were arrested.

Normally, NWCitizen does not cover blood and guns issues, but with nothing in this morning's Bellingham Herald and nothing on the Herald website as of 11 a.m., I decided to inquire.  A visit to the police station garnered only that a press release would be coming out soon and no questions from me would be answered.  Thus, I am going with information from multiple people for this first post.

More when the press release comes out. Hopefully, before noon today.  Still nothing on the Herald site.  

Seems the shoot out started at 3:21 p.m. yesterday.  

1:40 pm.  No response from the police information officer who told me at 11:10 that I would have info in half an hour.  Was able to talk to a reliable city source who told me that the police did not do any of the shooting.  This was a gun fight but not between police.  No one was injured.  More info when I am able to learn what happened.  As this is a popular city park with many kids playing on warm summer days, we have a right and a need to know of dangerous incidents. 

According to another source, I can reliably report that multiple shots were fired - at least 2 from one group and 5 by the other group.  Also that this was not drug related. 

The Herald is now reporting on this.  

Finally at 1:45 pm on the City of Bellingham website:

Shooting at Cornwall Park under investigation

Posted: August 13, 2015 1:45:53 PM PDT
At approximately 3:20 p.m. August 12 a shooting occurred within the Cornwall Park disc golf parking lot.
Although the park was occupied by several adults and children, no one was injured. Due to the rapid response from officers of the Bellingham Police Department, an interview of the intended victim was completed and a juvenile shooting suspect was apprehended.
Multiple detectives are still actively working this case and the department is asking members of the public who were present in the park or have knowledge about this incident to call Bellingham Police Detectives Sue Howell at (360) 778-8682 or Dale Wubben at (360) 778-8772.

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That is all I can report today.  Am looking into some more aspects of this very dangerous shooting in one of our most popular parks and expect to have more another day.  I do have more information but want to confirm it as much as possible before posting.

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Dick Conoboy

Aug 13, 2015

This is the entry on the police incident log at the city website:

Reported: Aug 12 2015 3:21PM
Location: 3200 BLK CORNWALL AV
Offense: ASSAULT - Felony
Case #: 15B33755

Officers responded to reports of a shooting at Cornwall Park.

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