Growing up Whatcom

Byy On

A new political pressure group is organizing to try and slow the growth of Whatcom County and Bellingham. Pro-Whatcom claims to be a diverse grassroots group of citizens but is actually a savvy and politically experienced group of old liberals. Most moved here from other places in the US. All now want to slam the gate closed. How they will attempt to achieve that goal will be interesting to watch.

Their web site does not list their names, but some whose names will be familiar to political veterans are Rick Dubrow, Robin Dexter, Dan Warner, Stephan Trinkhaus and Joe Yaver. There are a dozen other familiar names. Hopefully they will list them on the website before long.

They are urging citizens to attend the joint city-county council meeting next Thursday, Sep 11, 7 pm at the County Council chamber in the Court House. It is one of many joint meetings that are looking at where and how Bellingham should grow.

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