Green Bay Packers and the Seattle Seahawks

A digression from politics. Checking with Green Bay relatives turns up an unexpected hope by fans there.

A digression from politics. Checking with Green Bay relatives turns up an unexpected hope by fans there.

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Just because it is so tempting, here is a break from heavy local politics.

I'm from Green Bay, born and raised there, and am still a Packer fan.  Even after 40 years out here, it is hard wired into Green Bay natives at an early age.  And I've many stories to tell another time, as I knew Lombardi courtesy of being a 21 year old photographer on our daily Green Bay Press-Gazette newspaper and I walked the sidelines freely at home games in 1962.  The great year. 

We all know that if the Packers and Seahawks win, the Seahawks go to Green Bay on January 20 to see who goes to the Super Bowl.  If GB wins and Seattle loses then GB goes to warm Atlanta to play the Falcons.  You would think Green Bay would want to go to Atlanta. 

But here is the point of this post and what is neat this week.

Checking with relatives and friends, Green Bay is itching to play the Seahawks again - this time with real referees.  The fans and players want Seattle in Green Bay in late January.  To hell with what the weather might be.  I was really surprised to learn that, because a passing game is reduced in super cold weather and the Packers depend on a passing game.  And I have experienced 35 below zero weather in late January in Green Bay.  That makes the Ice Bowl look like warm weather.  I don't know if any game has ever been played that late in January in Green Bay.  It could be 29 degrees or it could be a raging blizzard with whiteout conditions or it could be clear and 20 below zero.  This could be the worst weather game in NFL history.  And the Green Bay fans and players want it.  With real referees this time. 

The Seahawks - Green Bay rivalry is a good one.  Both teams respect the other and Seattle fans were always great supporters of the Packers, before the Seahawks.  There still are a lot of Packer fans here. 

Stories for over beer:  How a few buddies and I played football on Lambeau Field in 1958.  What it was like to be yelled at by Lombardi - more than once.  What it was like watching Lombardi run a football game... from 10 feet away.  And just how crazy Green Bay is for the Packers.  But you already know that.

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